Thursday, November 7, 2013

Specifications of Advertising Network BreezeAds

Specifications of Advertising Network BreezeAds 

Who knew that World Wide Web will become the biggest platform of branding in 21th century? No one! But now since it has reached this level, people (especially business owners and web entrepreneurs) are paying enough attention to it. For businesses it has created new advertising and marketing opportunities while on the other hand for publishers and entrepreneurs it has created new earning opportunities. 

PPC Ad Networks are also one of those opportunities. Such networks were not in existence till few years ago but now they have been popular enough that every grooming business is investing in them. But what they actually do? Well, if you are already a PPC Advertiser or publisher than most probably you already know the answer. But if you don’t know, then I want to tell you that they do advertising for businesses. 

Businesses who want to advertise themselves create ad campaigns on such networks and those networks advertise those businesses on the websites of publishers. In return, advertisers pay some money to those ad networks (on a pay-per-click basis) and ad networks also pay some amount from those earnings to publishers because they allowed advertising on their website(s). 

This is how this industry works. For earning good, publishers need to find networks which pay higher CPCs (cost per click) and for getting better ROI, advertisers need to find networks which have a broad network of partner sites. In the whole process, ad networks also need to save something for their own survival. So these things make the scenario a little bit difficult for ad networks. 

As a result, if one ad network serves advertisers in a good manner, then it fails on the side of “happy publishers” and if a network keeps publishers happy then advertisers start crying. So it is really a tough job for ad networks to provide best services to both parties But is one of those rarest ad networks. 

Of course, they serve both parties in a great manner. Given below are their specifications: Specifications for Advertisers Define your CPCs according to your choice. Unlike Adsense, requires very few time for learning. Ads get approved in a quick manner. 

Pay according to your convenience –Paypal , MoneyBookers or Bank Wire Transfer. 24/7 online customer support. Simple dashboard interface. Increased ad relevancy: your ads will show up only on sites where your customers gather. Specifications for Publishers Smaller sites may also get approved. Least minimum payout limit - $10. Fast account approval process. 

Only highly relevant ads – no irrelevant ads will ever show up on your webpages. They share 90% of earned revenue with you guys. Higher CPCs, increased earnings. You can also use advertisements of other networks on your websites. Simple dashboard interface. 

Helpful customer support ready for helping you 24/7. Finally I want to say that BreezeAds is a great PPC Ad Network for every advertiser and publisher. Give it a try and I’m sure you will love it! More details can be found at cpc networks

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